Casposo Project

With the acquisition of the Casposo project Troy also acquired a fully functioning social office in the nearby town of Calingasta. The office is well staffed and has an active community assistance program in place which has operated for some time. Primary focus of the office is to coordinate and administer the Company’s training and social programs aimed at improving work skills, health and basic training. The town of Calingasta suffers from lack of job opportunities and training, the start of the Casposo project is providing all of these.

The Company operate education and training programs through collaboration with the University of San Juan as well as manufacturers and small business, also in San Juan. The Company has a program to assist with small community projects where we provide part of the requirement to help community groups as well as the local Government. In addition there are also English classes provided for interested people and children.

The social office also serves as a communications centre with some access to the internet as well as dissemination of Company news and local development. In addition the office is as a point for receiving job applications. Troy also has an established plant nursery growing local trees and a number of seedlings have been donated to the nearby small towns to help improving the visual landscape.